Conference on “Quality in Vocational Education and Training 2018”

At the National Annual Conference on Quality of VET, implemented at June 1st 2018, we hosted two foreign guest speakers. Their presentations and the conference agenda are available in English language.

Conference Agenda - SI
Document  |  PDF  |  279 KB
Conference Agenda - EN
Document  |  PDF  |  494 KB
Aleksandra Grašič: Predstavitev EQAVET NRP v Sloveniji
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  768 KB
Tiina Halmevuo: Emphases of the current Finnish VET reform and QA of WBL
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  1 MB
Christoph Kimbacher, MSc: Peer Review in a Nutshell
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  798 KB
Workshop 1: Systematic quality assessment, quality assurance and development of WBL on the level of VET providers
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  490 KB
Workshop 2: Workshop Peer Review
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  288 KB

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