Balancing Self-evaluation with external evaluation in VET systems across the Europe

On January 21th and 22nd 2019, the Peer Learning Activity event took place in Ljubljana. There attended 27 representatives from 14 different European countries.The exchange of experiences, knowledge, examples of good practices and opinions are excellent starting point for further work at the national level systems, in the field of identifying, providing and improving quality in vocational education and training. The event has been implemented in English.

Agenda PLA Slovenia
Document  |  PDF  |  555 KB
Policy Brief
Document  |  PDF  |  723 KB
Background Paper
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  736 KB
Introduction to the Peer Learning Activity
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  6 MB
Ireland: External Evaluation in VET - standards, methodologies, actors and consequences
Practice example  |  PDF  |  2 MB
Estonia: New concept of external Quality Assurance in VET - Profile and training of external evaluators
Practice example  |  PDF  |  686 KB
Austria: Self-evaluation and views of external evaluation of VET in a future
Practice example  |  PDF  |  1 MB
Slovenia: Self-evaluation and external evaluation as part of QA and QD of VET in Slovenia - The National Report on Quality of VET as evaluation tool for the VET System
Practice example  |  PDF  |  2 MB
Finland: The link/relationship between external evaluation and self-evaluation in VET
Practice example  |  PDF  |  833 KB
Netherlands: The link/relationship between external evaluation and self-evaluation in VET
Practice example  |  PDF  |  348 KB
Using the results of external evaluation - international experiences
Seminar / Conference  |  PDF  |  4 MB

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