The European network EQAVET and EQAVET NRP in Slovenia attempt to support vocational education and training by preparing and publishing different materials. Some of them are also available in printed version, and the most important ones can be found on this website in electronic form. The selected materials, created within the EAVET network, have been translated from English into Slovene, while the materials relevant for VET providers from the aspect of implementation of the National Framework for quality assurance in education and the EQAVET and EQAVET+ frameworks, are being prepared within EQAVET NRP in Slovenia. Most materials are available in Slovene language.

Recommendations for schools for implementing self-evaluation

Self-evaluation that has been developing into an important factor in education is best planned and organised as a learning process. Self-evaluation provides a way to improve the functioning of an organisation and to set priority areas for development, as well as providing a fundamental insight into all school activities. What is more, self-evaluation is a process aimed at improving training quality. Its purpose is to obtain information on the functioning of a school. This information serves as a basis for planning improvements to be made to the functioning of an institution and its personnel, while avoiding targeting scapegoats. As well, self-evaluation helps schools analyse their activities, and provides appropriate feedback concerning those areas that should be changed. It is, however, of utmost importance that schools plan and carry out measures based on their findings.

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The latest research by the EQAVET for Slovenia

Based on the latest research by the EQAVET Secretariat, Slovenia is in the European trend in the implementation of the EQAVET common quality framework in the national space and in the coordination of the national quality framework with the common European EQAVET framework.

Manual  |  2 files  |  6 MB

European Peer Review Quality Areas and Criteria for Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Quality assurance and quality improvement are increasingly important for institutions providing vocational education and training (VET), and for educationa authorities throughout Europe. In the development of Quality areas, criteira and indicators, consideration has been given to the European Quality Assurance Reference Framevork for VET and its additional components (EQAVET+) and the current change in the operating environment of education and training.

Manual  |  2 files  |  2 MB

European Peer Review Quality Areas and Criteria for VET providers

Promotional material shortly describes the procedure and methodology of European Peer Review in vocational education and training (VET). It offers answers to questions who can be a peer and why to decide for Peer Review as a VET provider.

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State of the art report on graduate tracking in VET

Report pesents the graduate tracking methodologies of 6 european countries: Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Netherland. The document is available only in Slovene.

Report  |  PDF  |  9 MB

The community of Peer Schools in VET

We’re presenting the “Community of Peer Schools”, the network of VET providers for implementation of mutual peer reviews at the national level and the principle of operation of this community.

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Newsletter, March 2021

In the new issue, we highlight the importance of the changes that took place in 2020 and 2021 to the future of vocational education and training. We especially present peer review as a form of external evaluation that complements the school’s self-evaluation and can significantly contribute to the development of the quality of the VET provider. News are available only in Slovene.

Article  |  PDF  |  824 KB

Conference on “Quality in Vocational Education and Training 2019”

The conference “Quality in Vocational Education and Training” is becoming traditional. The conference took place on our standard location, at the Hotel Astoria Bled. The diverse topics attracted many participants, who are responsible for the processes of identifying, ensuring and developing the quality on the VET providers level. The part of materials is available in Slovene and the other part is in English.

Seminar / Conference  |  16 files  |  50 MB

NEWSLETTER, August 2019

EQAVET NRP in Slovenia annually presents key activities and events of the past year in the Newsletter. The new issue highlights peer assessment as one of the important tools in identifying and ensuring quality in vocational and technical education. The Newsletter is available in only in Slovene.

Article  |  PDF  |  740 KB

Peer Review – as a support to the quality development at school

Quality peer review is a form of external evaluation that helps the evaluated school to develop the quality of learning and teaching of students and adults. The leaflet briefly outlines the principles and the very process of peer review. The leaflet is available only in Slovene.

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Balancing Self-evaluation with external evaluation in VET systems across the Europe

On January 21th and 22nd 2019, the Peer Learning Activity event took place in Ljubljana. There attended 27 representatives from 14 different European countries.The exchange of experiences, knowledge, examples of good practices and opinions are excellent starting point for further work at the national level systems, in the field of identifying, providing and improving quality in vocational education and training. The event has been implemented in English.

Seminar / Conference  |  11 files  |  19 MB

National Report on Quality of VET 2017

The National Report on quality of VET 2017 is presented in two volumes. While key synthesis findings are presented in the first volume, the second volume provides a more detailed view of the data, thus giving the reader / user a more comprehensive insight. The report is available only in Slovene.

Report  |  2 files  |  1 MB

Conference on “Quality in Vocational Education and Training 2018”

At the National Annual Conference on Quality of VET, implemented at June 1st 2018, we hosted two foreign guest speakers. Their presentations and the conference agenda are available in English language.

Seminar / Conference  |  7 files  |  4 MB


The newsletter presents the main activities carried out by EQAVET NRP in Slovenia in support of the national system and the providers of PSIU programs themselves. With the news of the past year, we represent the integration of the point in the national and European space. The Newsletter is available only in Slovene.

Article  |  PDF  |  4 MB

Training of Quality Teams

In the frame of the project “Financial support to EQAVET NRPs 2017” we implemented 10 trainings of Quality Teams at Slovene VET schools. Trainings were aimed to presentation of EQAVET and EQAVET + Frameworks, as well as support to the VET providers at implementation of 11 national indicators into schools systems of quality assurance. Materials are available in Slovenian only. Read more

Document  |  2 files  |  6 MB

EQAVET NRP in Slovenia

The EQAVET NRP in Slovenia works to promote the systematic identification, assurance and development of quality, both at the national level and at the level of providers of VET programs. The leaflet is available only in Slovene.

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EQAVET Quality Assurance reference framework

It is a guide for the implementation of the European Quality Assurance framework for Vocational Education and Training at the level of VET providers. It was created under the Erasmus + program “Action Grant 2016 – Support for European Quality Assurance In VET National Reference Points (EQAVET NRP)”, co-funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Handbook is available only in Slovene.

Manual  |  PDF  |  11 MB

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