Project ESQA

Print ESQA Fundacya UN-Naric Innove CPI

Project duration:

September 2014 – August 2016

Project partners:

  • Poland (Cooperation Fund Foundation, leading partner)
  • Great Britain (UK Naric)
  • Estonia (Innove)
  • Slovenia (Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (VET))

Short description of the project:

Within the scope of Erasmus + “European Solutions in Quality Assurance (ESQA)”, partners from four countries focused on the exchange of experiences and information in quality assurance of secondary vocational education and training.

Project results:

  • Good Practices Catalogue – The good practices catalogue presents the selected good practices of quality assurance of vocational education and training providers of partner countries, and later also other EU countries. Examples of good practices are divided to different categories, such as: management, lesson planning and assessment, practical training with work, planning school development, learning and teaching, counselling and career orientation, employee development, cooperation with the environment, material resources and meeting the needs of training participants.
  • Reports – Four national and one comparative report was drawn up within the project. The national reports contain a review of the functioning of quality assurance systems of secondary vocational education and training, at national levels and at levels of providers of participating countries. Meanwhile, the comparative report highlights the differences and similarities among quality determination and assurance systems of participating countries at both levels.
  • Competition “School caring for quality” – The competition was carried out in the 2015/2016 school year in Poland. The Polish VET programme providers were invited to participate. The schools that have developed an exemplary quality assurance culture were chosen on the basis of a specific system of criteria. The competition experience and the system of criteria provide starting points for considering organizing such a competition in Slovenia and in other countries as well.

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