Financial support to EQAVET NRP 2017 – 2019

1. april 2017 - 31. marec 2021
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In accordance with the EQAVET strategy for the 2017/2018 period, and in accordance with the objectives and priorities of the invitation to tender, EQAVET NRP in Slovenia and the project itself were focused on:

  • Deepening the culture of quality assurance of among Slovenian vocational education and training programme providers; and
  • Encouraging the use of EQAVET tools in accordance with the EQAVET and EQAVET+  framework recommendations.

With the purpose of the process of realizing and disseminating EQAVET and EQAVET * reference frameworks, the following project activities were planned:

  • Training programmes – Execution of ten (10) training activities of quality teams and headmasters of Slovenian secondary vocational and technical schools. The purpose of training activities is to include 11 mandatory national (derived from 10 EQAVET indicators) into the self-evaluation process and development at the level of providers.
  • Transfer of examples from practice – Using the translations of selected and described examples of practices for quality determination and assurance, which were contributed to the European network by member countries, we want to transfer knowledge and experience of European providers of vocational education and training, also Slovenian, to the Slovenian space. The collection of examples will be published among Materials at the website of the National Reference Point EQAVET NRP in Slovenia.
  • Traditional National Quality Conference – In May 2018, in accordance with the traditional practice, the organization of the annual conference on the quality of vocational education and training is due again in Bled.
  • Inclusion in the collegiate assessment at the international level – In cooperation with the partner countries Finland, Austria and Croatia, we decided to carry out a trial run of the collegiate assessment at international level. Each country will contribute 1 VET provider to join the assessment at international level. On the Slovenian side, the School Centre Velenje will join the assessment, under the mentorship of the Slovenian point, EQAVET NRP in Slovenia. The basic idea of the method is for participating expert workers (usually, teachers) of other schools to carry out a quality assessment at school, which is currently under scrutiny. In each country, one school will undergo the quality assessment and receive suggestions from schools of other three countries to upgrade its development and quality of work.
  • Peer Learning Activity (PLA) – Considering we have also been financially supported by the EQAVET network since last year, individual national points have decided to contribute to the organization of PLAs, which were beforehand organized only by the EQAVET secretariat. This increased the offer of PLAs, while participation is completely voluntary. PLA is an educational activity whose purpose is exchange of knowledge and experiences among representatives of national reference points. Consequently, a PLA on the topic of mutual complementation of self-evaluation with external evaluation and use of EQAVET indicators in this connection will be organized in early 2019. Afterwards, we will publish a written summary of findings used to highlight the issue at the PLA.
  • Creation of the National Reference Point website – EQAVET NRP in Slovenia – The website will include all important contents of the EQAVET reference framework, and it is also expected to become a central support point for VET providers in terms of quality determination, assurance and development by providing relevant information, transfer of new tools, materials, examples of good practices and organization of various events.
  • Development of methodology for monitoring employability after completed VET – taking into account previous studies on monitoring employability after completed VET, already accessible databases in Slovenia and models and experiences of other European countries, the team of experts will make a step forward in the development of the methodology of monitoring the employability of vocational education and training graduates. We will make an attempt to coordinate the activities with other similar initiatives at national and European levels.

Project activities support the implementation of the EQAVET and EQAVET+ framework, at the level of vocational education and training providers. The initiative is constantly coordinated with other similar national initiatives, such as, for example, the development and implementation of the national EAT quality framework, in which we are also involved as partners.

Results are published on Slovene projects web site. Some materials are available in English as well.


Center RS za poklicno izobraževanje, Kajuhova ulica 32U, 1000 Ljubljana

Aleksandra Grašič in Majda Gartner;

tel: + 386 1 5864 226; +386 1 5864 239

fax.: +386 1 5864 200

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