Financial support to EQAVET NRP 2016

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1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017

Short description of the project:

Considering the EQAVET Strategic Plan for 2016 and considering the objectives and priorities of the competition, the EQAVET 2016 project focuses on two important priorities:

  • Deepening the culture of quality assurance of VET– the importance of feedback loops in the third phase of the quality cycle (check)
  • Strengthening mutual cooperation among national reference points (NRPs), with an emphasis on the implementation of the framework and cooperation with VET programme providers;

Project results:

  • Participation of representatives of the Institute of RS and representatives of VET programme providers in PLAs – Peer Learning Activities in Dubrovnik, Bucharest and Bonn; cooperation with NRP of other countries encourages the exchange of experiences and knowledge in work with VET programme providers. Contents of meetings were focused on the transparency of quality assurance in VET and in PTW, self-evaluation processes and the recognisability and raising awareness about the importance of VET.
  • Organization of two seminars – with the purpose of pilot testing the contents of the manual in the making;
  • Two examples of good practices – with an emphasis on monitoring quality assurance of practical training at the workplace (PTW) following all four stages of the quality cycle: (PDCA: Plan – Do – Check – Act);
  • Manual “EAVET quality determination and assurance framework” – is a manual intended for VET programme providers, as support to the construction of own quality systems within an institution and with the purpose of implementing the European VET quality framework at the level of providers.

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