2021 - 2023
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The project is primarily addressing the needs of VET providers and stakeholders at the national VET system level to systematically improve their QA framework and QD processes in line with the EQAVET framework. It is managed through agile leadership style and implemented by agile teams – working groups, structured by different stakeholders. Representatives of EQAVET NRP in Slovenia are participating as peers in the EU system peer review in other countries as well. New ways and tools will be tested at pilot VET providers and in parts of a VET system and later on offered to all VET providers and wider segment of the system, during the project or after the project ends. For VET providers there will be peer review, guided on-line self-evaluation and individualized trainings further developed and implemented. On a system level there will be system peer review and updated description of the national QA arrangements based on EQAVET framework prepared. The project follows all 5 objectives of the invitation to submit the proposal and chosen priority topics. Crucial in the implementation of the project are not just deliverables, but also bringing culture of involved communities towards quality culture. Communication and dissemination will be beside live events additionally supported by a few web pages, fb and Newsletter, which are already recognizable communication channels among project target groups. New knowledge and experiences will be regularly shared on the EU level, in the EQAVET network.

Project type:

Action Grant ERASMUS-EDU-2021-EQAVET-IBA; Support to the European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education (EQAVET) and Training National Reference Points (NRPs); GrantAgreement, Project 101048449-EQAVETNRP SLO 2021; project is financed by EU, Erasmus + Lump Sum Grants and co-Financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport in Slovenia.

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