Schools Networking for Quality” – first meeting

With the completion of the EPoS online self-evaluation, schools have obtained important information about the quality of their institutions. In order to support the further use of EPoS results in the process of self-evaluation (and subsequent planning and introduction of improvements) at each school, we started the “Schools Networking for Quality” initiative within the framework of a special task within the regular activity of the Ministry of Education.

Of the 43 schools that participated in the EPoS online self-evaluation, 20 registered for the first joint meeting within the framework of the “Schools Networking for Quality” initiative, which was carried out on 18 May 2023 at the InterContinental Hotel in Ljubljana.

The main material of the meeting were the results of the EPoS online self-evaluation, which we interpreted together, and later in the meeting the speakers tried to lead the participants to certain findings based on the self-evaluation and to encourage them to think about actions and planning for improvement at the level of their schools.

We advised the participants on how to guide the teaching staff through the self-evaluation process, gave them some concrete advice on how to improve quality in their schools and offered them guidance and support in working with the team and the students.

The networking of schools will continue in smaller groups, and in the second half of September, as part of the “Schools Networking for Quality” initiative, we will come together again for a joint meeting where schools will present their results or progress in systematic quality management.

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