Conference on Quality 2022

106 participants took part in the meeting live and remotely, namely directors of school centers, principals, presidents and members of quality committees at secondary vocational schools, individuals from grammar schools and representatives of the national level.

Guest lecturers Zoran Lekić and Guus van Beek contributed an important part of the conference.

Mr. Zoran Lekić comes from the international company Bureau Veritas and has worked for most of his professional career in the field of quality. He spoke about quality in the economy and quality in education.
Mr. Guus van Beek, an expert in establishing quality systems in vocational education and training, presented the development trends in the field of quality management, focusing on the question of how to promote the development of a quality culture in schools.

In the second part of the consultation, a discussion was held, led by Nives Počkar, president of the Association of Secondary Schools and Student Dormitories of Slovenia, and Saša Grašič, coordinator of the EQAVET national point (NRP EQAVET).

The participants contributed to the discussion some positive practices and experiences in connection with quality management in schools:

Self-evaluation, which takes place at schools through questionnaires that schools either develop and upgrade themselves or are included in the EPoS self-evaluation. As a positive experience, the schools emphasized that the tools for self-evaluation have been upgraded methodologically and substantively over the years – In addition to students, teachers are also surveyed.
Some schools pointed out that they combine self-evaluation with external evaluation in the form of peer review.
The schools emphasized the importance of long-term quality planning at the school level, for many years into the future, recording progress each year.
They suggest that schools with a lot of experience in quality assurance help those who don’t have a lot of that experience but want to work on it.

NRP EQAVET responds to this by conducting trainings for schools, which are supported by the transfer of good practices and networking between schools.

In the coming years, the schools would like CPI to continue to provide them with support as it has been until now, which should be upgraded and expanded to all schools in the following years. The schools once again pointed out the need to financially reward the members of the school quality teams, who in certain phases do an enormous job in developing tools, organizing (only) evaluation, preparing reports and action plans for improvements, organizing and conducting internal trainings at the school, etc. The proposal was also the development of tools for monitoring graduates at school level, which are still being developed, namely in cooperation with NRP EQAVET and pilot schools. They will be distributed to all schools when they are finalized.

Feedback from secondary vocational schools will serve as an important source in the preparation of a national strategic plan in the field of quality management of professional vocational education for the period up to 2030. In addition, the plan will be influenced by European trends and feedback from other stakeholders, as well as key findings of national evaluations on this area.

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