National framework

The National Framework for quality assurance in Education was adopted by the board of the Minister (Ministry of Education, Science and Sports – MESS) in February 2017. With the proposed framework, Slovenia follows the institutional framework in the area of the European Union (EU), complying with international guidelines and recommendations, appropriately defining the needs and requirements for quality assessment and assurance from various aspects of the school system in national documents.

The National Framework for quality assurance in Education needs to be seen as a part of wider common efforts of World countries and specially the inclusion of Slovenia into the activities of developed countries of European Union, in the field of quality assessment and quality assurance.

The main aim of development of quality assurance in the field of education in Slovenia is dynamic maintenance of quality when it is achieved and to achieve/develop it where the quality is to low or even absent in some areas.

The national framework seeks to meet the following objectives:

  • To define the common (more uniform) concept of quality assessment and quality assurance on the education providers level (child care level, primary ans secondary schools level) and evaluation of education system;
  • At the level of the system, to design the Teaching and Learning as obligatory field to be monitored, design of three subsections (Achievements of kids, pupils and students; Proffesional development of teachers and other professionals; Development of social climate in the group, kindergarten or school) and design the indicators of quality assessment and quality assurance that will help to educational organisations to form the permanent system of introduction and evaluation of improvements;
  • Roughly unify the understanding and approaches to self evaluation of schools and kindergartens with respect to fields specifics:
  • To empower the ability for implementation of self evaluation on the system, organisational and individual level;
  • To establish groups of experts at government institutes with aim to support kindergartens and schools in quality assurance;
  • To establish the “coordination – analytics centre” of quality assessment and quality assurance in The Ministry of Education (Education Development Office) that will take over the responsibility to prepare the common evaluation grades of education system (annual partial report; summary report on quality of education every three years) that will significantly contribute to the more systematic, more quality and more comprehensive planning of measures and development policies in the filed of education (data and evidence based decisions).

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