Support to VET providers

EQAVET NRP in Slovenia attempts to offer providers efficient support through various activities it implements in order to facilitate the establishment of a quality framework in their own organisation and integration into the community for exchange of good practices at national and international levels. This would allow the providers to become development-oriented, systematic and sustainable on a long term. The services carried out by EQAVET NRP in Slovenia for providers include:

  • Training programmes;
  • Offer of manuals and flyers with recommendations on the topic of quality assessment, assurance and development;
  • Presentation of examples of best practices;
  • Peer Review of quality at national level;
  • Peer Review of quality at international level;
  • Organisation of the annual national conference on quality in VET; and
  • Website with complete information, materials and useful links for VET providers.

Training of Quality Teams

Training  |  12. May 2018  |  PSIU program providers

In the frame of the project “Financial support to EQAVET NRPs 2017” we implemented 10 trainings of Quality Teams at Slovene VET schools. Trainings were aimed to presentation of EQAVET and EQAVET + Frameworks, as well as support to the VET providers at implementation of 11 national indicators into schools systems of quality assurance. Materials are available in Slovenian only.

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International Peer Review at School Centre Velenje

Peer review  |  12. April 2018 12:00  |  Velenje, Slovenia

International Peer Review at School Centre Velenje has been held on April 10th and 11th 2018. The review has been aimed to School of mining and environmental protection and School of Mechanical Engineering, that has been merged into one school in school year 2018/2019. The school management decided to assess the quality of both schools and to obtain recommendations for possible improvements.

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