International cooperation

EQAVET NRP in Slovenia is part of the international, European EQAVET network, which already includes 33 European countries and representatives of social partners. Membership in the network is voluntary. Within the network, the members combine professional knowledge and institutional capacities, thereby contributing to the activities of the network and dissemination of its progress among the players in the area of VET.

International cooperation of EQAVET NRP in Slovenia is tightly connected to the performance of the network, and all activities and events organized within the network:

  • Monitoring implementation of frameworks EQAVET and EQAVET + at national level and at the providers level;
  • Working groups – represent the foundation of the operation of the EQAVET network. Through activities of work groups, representatives of different countries have an opportunity to exchange experiences and discusses examples of best practices of national policies. Work groups create materials to support the development of policies and best methods of implementation of the Reference framework at national levels, taking in account the national requirements of member countries. They build on the existing expertise, with the aim of contributing to efficient solutions to the challenges the member countries come across, which significantly contributes to the progress and their future work.
  • Peer Learning Activities (PLA) – Peer Learning Activities are usually implemented in the form of a group of about fifteen professional workers and/or policy makers in one of member countries. In a few days, the participants have an opportunity to learn from their colleagues, VET experts, who excelled in a specific area related to quality assurance in VET. Mutual learning provides opportunities to discuss and exchange experience. The primary purpose of the activities is to communicate best practices and encourage individuale to think about what impact the transfer of a specific best practice could have on policy-making of participating countries.
  • Researches – National reference points contribute information to the researches on quality in VET, carried out at the European level. Every research is focused on a specific topic, which is directly connected to other activities of the network (such as, Peer Learning Activities, working groups).
  • Conferences – Within the work programme of the network, two international conferences on the topic of quality determination, assurance and development in VET are planned every year. Topics of conferences discuss the state of development of the quality insurance culture and systematic improvement in the European territory, focus on development funds and abilities of individual systems and providers, and attempt to contribute to the improvement of the status and attractiveness of VET in Europe in various ways.

The greatest challenge the network is faced with is providing high quality VET across the European territory, thereby contributing to resolving the issues of unemployment, lack of skills, and re-encourage sustainable growth and employment.

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