EQAVET NRP in Slovenia

The EQAVET NRP National Reference Point in Slovenia is a part of the European EQAVET network, which includes national reference points of all European member countries. The network exists with the purpose of developing a common framework to determine and assure quality in vocational education and training (VET), the so-called EQAVET quality assurance framework. Within the network, member countries exchange experiences and examples of good practices, support each other in the implementation of the EQAVET quality framework at national level, and jointly build support for VET providers.

National Framework

National Framework of Quality Assurance in Education was adopted by the Board of the Minister (Ministry of Education, Science and Sports – MESS) in February 2017. With the proposed framework, Slovenia follows the institutional framework in the area of the European Union (EU), complying with international guidelines and recommendations, appropriately defining the needs and requirements for quality assessment and assurance from various aspects of the school system in national documents.

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